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“Biodiesel created from UCO lower greenhouse gas emissions, creates local green jobs and reduces the importation of foreign oil”
— Yale Wong: CEO

General Biodiesel recycles cooking oil and produces low carbon fuel from sustainable sources.

We generate positive energy and strive to be a world leader in renewable and sustainable energy.

Our mission is to produce high quality biodiesel fuel from sustainable sources while providing strong returns to stakeholders, taking care of our customers and employees, and contributing to local economies.

The United States is at a critical juncture in our energy history. Currently the US imports over 60% of our petroleum and consumes 25% of the world’s supply while making up only 4% of the world’s population. As developing nations like China and India become more influential in the market place, our national wealth and security depend on our ability to adapt and produce alternative fuels right here at home.

Yale and Laura Wong founded General Biodiesel in 2006 to help reduce the US dependence on foreign oil. They decided to utilize recycled cooking oil and other sustainable feedstocks to produce an environmentally friendly fuel.

General Biodiesel products and services measurably lower the carbon footprint of its GreenPartners and fuel RCB100 customers. By recycling used cooking oil, producing biodiesel locally, and selling to local fleets, our fuel is shipped very little when compared to the thousands of miles most petroleum travels.