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01 20 2014: KPLU Washington
KPLU Interview with Jeff Haas
News photo

As the biodiesel industry convenes for a national conference in San Diego today, one of the topics of discussions will be the loosening of the renewable fuel standard.

Among the participants will be Seattle-based General Biodiesel, a company that turns used cooking oil into vehicle-grade fuel. The company ‘s CEO is upset over backpedaling by the federal government on incentives for more use of alternatives.


01 15 2014: King 5
KING5 Interview with Jeff Haas

Washington state has been a leader in the biofuel industry, producing millions of gallons of biodiesel and supporting hundreds of family wage jobs. Now, though, the EPA is considering reducing the mandatory mixture of ethanol and biodiesel in our gas pumps by hundreds of millions of gallons. It’s a move Freeman thinks could kill an important economic engine for Washington.


01 06 2014: National Biodiesel Board (NBB)
National Biodiesel Board Launches EPA Campaign
image" width="160" height="131" alt="News photo" />

We’re calling on all biodiesel supporters to make your voice heard by writing a letter asking the Administration to approve a reasonable volume increase for biodiesel under the Renewable Fuel Standard next year.

The letter is posted at the right of this page. Simply fill in your name and contact information, and the letter will be sent via email to the appropriate federal officials. Biodiesel is the first and only EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel to reach 1 billion gallons of annual production, with commercial-scale production across the country. The industry has exceeded RFS volume requirements each year and is on pace to do so again this year, with projected production of at least 1.7 billion gallons. This is an incredible renewable fuels success story.

However, the Administration has proposed a 2014 RFS volume of 1.28 billion gallons, a sharp reduction from this year’s projected production and a potentially devastating proposal for the future of our industry. It is critical that we make our voice heard as the Administration proposes and finalizes this rule.

• How to send the letter:

Simply enter your information into the boxes provided including; your first and last name, address, and e-mail. Click the SEND button and your information will be automatically inserted into the template letter and sent to administrators at the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Management and Budget, The White House Office of Energy and Climate Policy, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

• What’s the purpose of the letter?

The EPA’s draft 2014 volume proposal is moving through the regulatory process. Our industry has proven it has the capacity to continue its successful growth well beyond the proposed level of 1.28 billion gallons, and it is imperative that the biodiesel industry make its voice heard to show the real benefits of increasing biodiesel production.


11 27 2013: General Biodiesel news flash
Map of Residential Used Cooking Oil Drop Off Sites

View List and large map of General Biodiesel’s Public Cooking Oil Collection Tanks


11 27 2013: Press Release
King County Joint Press Release

Wondering what to do with the leftover fryer oil and kitchen grease after the big holiday feast? Don’t pour it down the drain – grease sticks to the inside of sewer pipes and can build up to such a point that it blocks the entire pipe, leading to expensive and unpleasant clean-ups.


12 28 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
GB and EPA Announce Collaborative Settlement for Reporting Error in 2009 and 2010

General Biodiesel and the EPA announce a collaborative settlement for hazardous chemical and emergency planning violations that happened during construction in 2009 and 2010. Click “Read More” for full FAQ.


11 23 2012: KING 5 News
King County says, ‘Stop before you dump that grease!’

When it comes to food, the holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year. But those holiday feasts can cause problems for more than just our waistlines.  Think lower ... as in the sewer pipes flowing beneath your house and street.

King County is asking residents to be careful about the grease and fats that go down the drain.

“Baking and cooking and deep frying turkeys, what do you do with all that oil?” Annie Kolb-Nelson of the Wastewater Management Department asks.


11 15 2012: General Biodiesel studios
General Biodiesel - Washington’s Only Waste-to-Energy Biodiesel Company

11 13 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
King County Residents to “Get Out the Grease” on November 17th

KIRKLAND,WA - The city of Kirkland is always looking for ways to do right by its residents and the environment we all share. On November 17th from 11am-1pm, it is partnering with General Biodiesel to host the first “Get out the Grease” recycling initiative for Kirkland residents.  Rather than dumping old cooking oil down the kitchen sink, which can lead to costly visits by the plumber, residents now have a new, free recycling resource at their fingertips – a public cooking oil drop off depot where every gallon collected will be transformed into low carbon biodiesel.

The “Get out the Grease” event and new oil collection depot will be located at the North Kirkland Community Center at 12421 103rd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034.  All residents of Kirkland and the surrounding areas are encouraged to attend on Saturday, November 17th from 11am-1pm to recycle their used cooking oil, learn about other recycling opportunities offered by the city of Kirkland, and meet and greet representatives from the city of Kirkland and General Biodiesel. Additionally, General Biodiesel will be hosting a raffle for everyone who attends the event, with prizes including a personal deep fryer!

The new oil-recycling depot is a permanent fixture, open and available to the public 24/7. As everyone gears up for a holiday season full of cooking and fried foods, remember to dispose of the left over oil responsibly at a collection depot.

The full list and map of General Biodiesel’s cooking oil collection depots can be found here:

11 02 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel Honored for Third Consecutive Year at Green Washington Awards
News photo

In Washington State, many will agree that the word “sustainability” has become synonymous with “responsibility.”

People and businesses alike are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into day-to-day efforts, and they are succeeding.  Seattle Business magazine annually recognizes these efforts at the Green Washington Awards, with this year’s event occurring this past week on November 1st. The Green Washington Awards acknowledged the 50 greenest companies and institutions in Washington that demonstrate pronounced leadership in the areas of sustainability, green practices, and commitment to our environment and the future of our natural resources. General Biodiesel is proud to announce it was named to the “2012 Washington Green 50” list, making this the third consecutive year the company has been honored at the event.

General Biodiesel’s business model utilizes the power of partnerships and commerce as a means of caring for the environment and supporting the local economy. Its GreenPartner™ cooking oil recycling program has grown to include thousands of businesses since its inception. General Biodiesel collects these businesses’ used cooking oil and transforms it into biodiesel, which is a low-carbon and sustainable substitute for petroleum diesel fuel. “We are very proud of our ties to the local community and environment,” said Zach Shelton, Vice President of Recycling Operations at General. “Community scale energy production that uses local renewable resources as the input for the manufacturing process is the cornerstone of our brand. Our recycling partners make a conscientious decision to keep their waste streams local where the benefit to their customers, families, and employees is greatest. This network is very important to local sustainability.” The environmental benefits of the GreenPartner™ program are stunning – to date, millions of gallons of used cooking oil have been recycled into biodiesel. In terms of carbon footprint alone, General Biodiesel is on track to reduce the equivalent of nearly 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere by the end of 2012.

General Biodiesel is it is the only company of its kind incorporated in Washington State whose mission is to improve the entire Pacific Northwest community. All other companies providing used cooking oil recycling services to Washington State businesses export the waste, along with the value add process as well as the potential associated jobs and environmental benefits, out of the state. General Biodiesel keeps these benefits in state and provides a cost-effective, local, and environmentally friendly cooking oil disposal alternative to the GreenPartner™ businesses that believe in a strong local economy.

10 23 2012: Kirkland Views
Kirkland Residents Can Recycle Used Cooking Oil and Grease to Make Clean Biodiesel
News photo

Cooking oil can wreak havoc on drains and pipes and is a valuable resource. Thanks to a new partnership between the City of Kirkland and General Biodiesel (Seattle, WA), Kirkland residents can recycle their used cooking oil and grease, to be converted into biodiesel fuel.


08 06 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel Welcomes Dartmouth’s Big Green Bus to Seattle with Waste-to-Energy Reception

This week, ten Dartmouth College students aboard the Big Green Bus will arrive for a 3-day visit to the Puget Sound region as part of their 30-state, 12,000 mile trek of raising awareness and engaging environmental action through community involvement.

On Wednesday, August 8 from 4-6pm in support of the Big Green Bus and its sustainable practices mission, General Biodiesel will host a Waste-to-Energy welcome reception at its Georgetown refinery. Food from Ezell’s Famous Chicken, one of General Biodiesel’s used cooking oil recycling GreenPartners™, will be served while supplies last. Come meet the crew, see the bus, and learn first-hand how local waste is creating local green economy jobs through transformation into the lowest carbon fuel available. 

“General Biodiesel is thrilled to support Dartmouth’s Big Green Bus at the western terminus of its cross-country trek to raise awareness and inspire public participation in environmentally sustainable practices,” said founder and CEO Yale Wong. “This is a dedicated crew of bright and committed individuals out making a difference one city and one event at a time. General Biodiesel is proud to welcome them to Seattle and donate fuel to their tank to carry on their good work.”

Other Puget Sound activities for the Big Green Bus include planting trees in collaboration with Seattle Tilth, Sustainable Seattle, and Seattle Teen Employment at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.

The Waste-to-Energy General Biodiesel Big Green Bus reception is open to the community and will be held at General Biodiesel’s refinery located aside the 1st Avenue South Bridge at 6333 1st Avenue South.

For more information on the Big Green Bus, please visit

07 20 2012: GeekWire
Biodiesel: A Vision for Jamaica, a Boost from Seattle

For two weeks this summer, General Biodiesel teamed up with Engineers Without Borders to host a group of Jamaican interns and teach them about biodiesel.  The interns experienced firsthand what it was like running tests in General Biodiesel’s lab and seeing how biodiesel is produced on an industrial scale. 

For the full story, click “Read More” below.


07 02 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel Achieves National “BQ 9000” Fuel Quality Certification
News photo

On July 2, 2012, following a multi-month prerequisite review period and a comprehensive two-day on site audit, the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission (NBAC) approved General Biodiesel as a fully accredited BQ 9000 biodiesel producer.

BQ 9000 is a nationally recognized fuel quality control program run by the NBAC and the National Biodiesel Board ( Elements of the program include extensive laboratory testing in order to demonstrate fuel quality exceeds the minimum American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D6751) specifications, as well as compliance with storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution, and fuel management protocols. The program is rigorous and, once obtained, provides the highest level of quality assurance to customers.

“At General Biodiesel, we earn our customer’s confidence and loyalty by providing the highest quality products and services,” said Jeff Haas, Chief Operating Officer at General Biodiesel.  “Our team proudly ensures our products meet and exceed current industry standards through a relentless focus on continuous improvement”.

General Biodiesel is Washington’s only in-state manufacturer of biodiesel produced from recycled cooking oil, a true waste-to-energy process. Biodiesel is clean burning, biodegradable, and non-toxic. It can be used in any diesel compression engine, fuel tank, or pipeline without modification. Because biodiesel fits easily into the existing liquid energy infrastructure it has become a great start to solving America’s energy independence challenges, and is considered a ‘now’ green technology.

05 01 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel is Named a 2012 Washington Manufacturing Award Finalist
News photo

Washington State’s only waste-to-energy biodiesel manufacturing company, General Biodiesel, has been named by Seattle Business magazine as the Silver Finalist in the Emerging Manufacturer category of the 2012 Washington Manufacturing Awards.  These awards honor manufacturing companies across all disciplines based on several criteria, including employee programs, efforts made to increase productivity and quality, programs created to reduce energy consumption and waste, investments made to increase capacity, new services or products developed, and improvements to revenues and profitability. 

“Our concept is simple: we collect waste vegetable oil from businesses with kitchen fryers, recycle it into the highest quality biodiesel fuel possible, and pass the savings on to our customers,” said Yale Wong, CEO. “However, making all of this happen requires a lot of hard work.  The Emerging Manufacturer Silver Award is a very nice recognition of our success and I’d like to give all of the credit to our employees.”

This recognition marks a proud moment for General Biodiesel.  It is dedicated to growing, despite the economic downturn, and has the production numbers to prove it—in 2011, the company produced six times more fuel than it did in 2010, and has even bigger plans in store for 2012 and beyond.


03 28 2012: Federal Way Mirror
Give Grease a Chance

Rather than dumping cooking oil in the kitchen sink or toilet, consider the impact of giving grease a chance.

Federal Way unveiled its first used cooking oil collection site March 28 at French Lake Dog Park, 31531 1st Ave. South.  Seattle-based General Biodiesel, which is partnering on the project, will convert the oil into fuel — and keep it from polluting Puget Sound and other waterways.


02 29 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
2011-2012 Holiday Grease Drive Successful in Generating Positive Energy, Locally
News photo

The results are in!  For the 2011-2012 holiday season General Biodiesel and King County Wastewater Management teamed up to provide community residents with a green (and free!) solution to dispose of a common kitchen waste: used cooking oil.  This year’s grease drive was a success for the community and our local environment.

In this partnership, King County Wastewater and General Biodiesel provided a free recycling solution for used cooking oil to all members of the community in King and Pierce Counties.  This solution came in the form of 12 easily accessible drop-off tanks located in key neighborhoods.  Area residents took the extra step in promoting a sustainable Pacific Northwest by participating in the grease drive and bringing their used cooking and fryer oil to one of General Biodiesel’s containers. 

The grease drive kicked off in November of 2011 and was completed in January of 2012.  Through this recycling program, all oil collected from these tanks was recycled and transformed into sustainable biodiesel fuel.  In terms of environmental benefits, the combustion of this biodiesel in area engines represents a carbon footprint reduction of over 25,000 lbs compared to petroleum-based diesel!

Due to the positive response to these community tanks, the majority will stay in place all year.  Scroll down to find the community tank nearest you.  Thank you to everyone who participated—and continues participating—in this community oil recycling program.  Every gallon General Biodiesel collects contributes to promoting a cleaner environment, creating local green jobs, and supporting local biofuel production. 

01 11 2012: General Biodiesel news flash
Jay Inslee Supports New Clean Economy Jobs in Washington
News photo

Clean tech job creation is a hot topic in Washington as employers across the board look forward to a new year of growing their business, expanding their workforce, and pushing forward with sustainability initiatives.  This is especially true for the young biodiesel industry as it builds the foundations to becoming a stable, mature market in the future.  This is only possible with support at the local, state, and national policy level.

Congressman Jay Inslee, who is running to be Washington’s next governor, visited General Biodiesel, the state’s only waste-to-energy refinery using regionally generated cooking oils to create low-carbon biodiesel, on Monday in support of the biodiesel industry’s promise as a growing employer of clean economy jobs.  “These are the kinds of innovations that will make Washington a global leader in fueling our planet cleanly and sustainably,” said Inslee at General Biodiesel’s South Seattle plant. 

According to a recent economic study by Cardno ENTRIX, an international natural resource management consulting firm, the biodiesel industry is doing its part in supporting clean tech job creation in the United States.  In 2011, domestic production soared to over 908 million gallons of biodiesel, which supported more that 31,000 jobs and generated nearly $1.7 billion in income.  Projecting forward to 2015, the same study estimates the biodiesel industry will support more that 74,000 jobs and $4 billion in income.

11 23 2011: KING 5 News
General Biodiesel’s Holiday Grease Drive Kickoff for At-Home Chefs

11 18 2011: General Biodiesel news flash
Attention At-Home Chefs: How to Responsibly Dispose of Your Used Cooking Oil
News photo

Each year, city and county governments spend millions of taxpayer dollars ridding sewer lines of cooking fats, grease, and debris.  Since this waste stream starts at home, clearing residential lines of this same grease makes the holidays the busiest time of year for expensive house calls by your local plumber.

You have much better things to do with your money, and we have a free solution that transforms your used cooking oil and grease into locally refined, low-carbon biodiesel fuel. This recycled waste is used to power vehicles and heat homes!

Starting in 2009, General Biodiesel and King County Wastewater Management have partnered to provide at-home chefs and residents throughout the Puget Sound region with an easy and “green” way to dispose of their used cooking oil.  Bring it to a designated collection container and keep it out of your sewer lines. See locations below.

We accept all types of vegetable oil.  Every gallon we collect is turned into biodiesel fuel at our facility in South Seattle.  Our mission creates new local green jobs, keeps your lines clear of fats, promotes sustainable fuel production, and is Generating Positive Energy™ right here where our families live, work and gather for the holidays! 

Simply pour your oil into any one of our collection tanks for recycling.  The tanks are available at your convenience, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the following locations:

  • Crossroads Golf: 15801 NE 15th Street, Bellevue, WA 98008

  • Bellingham Community Food Co-op: 1220 North Forest Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
      -Tank is located in the Southeast corner of the parking lot

  • Municipal Parking Lot: 634 SW 151st Street, Burien, WA 98166

Federal Way
  • French Lake Dog Park: 31531 1st Ave South, Federal Way, WA 98003

Georgetown / SODO
  • General Biodiesel: 6333 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98108
      -Tank is located mid-way along the river side of the building by glass doors
  • Republic Services: 54 South Dawson Street, Seattle, WA 98134

Madison Park
  • Bert’s Red Apple: 1801 41st Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112
      - Blue barrel is in alley behind store

Mercer Island
  • Presbyterian Church: 3605 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040
      - Tank is located just inside the South Driveway

  • Thurston County HazoHouse: 2420 Hogum Bay Road NE, Olympia, WA 98516
      - This location is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 8am - 5pm.

  • Republic Services: 501 Monster Road SW, Renton, WA 98134

  • Safeway: 630 228th Avenue NE, 
Sammamish, WA 98074
      - Tank is located behind the store

  • Central Market: 15505 Westminster Way N, Seattle, WA 98133
      - Tank is located to the right of the main front doors


10 15 2011: Snohomish Times
Snohomish County Partners with General Biodiesel to Fuel Its Fleet Vehicles

Snohomish County has partnered with General Biodiesel and PetroCard to provide increased opportunity to use renewable energy sources in its fleet vehicles.

Under the agreement, Snohomish County’s Fleet Management Division will have access to a higher blend of locally sourced and refined biodiesel at local PetroCard fuel stations.

The biodiesel will come from General Biodiesel, which produces low-carbon biodiesel that has been refined exclusively from renewable and recycled cooking oil from the region’s food-service businesses. These include nearly 150 local restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums, corporate campuses, hotels and more.


10 14 2011: General Biodiesel news flash
Company Honored with King County’s First Green/Sustainable Small Business of the Year Award
News photo

King County Executive Dow Constantine celebrated the importance and the accomplishments of small businesses throughout the county by presenting the first annual King County Executive’s Small Business Awards at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

Nominees included 125 King County businesses, submitted by local jurisdictions, which then were narrowed down to three finalists in each category before Wednesday’s awards ceremony. Qualifying businesses for the seven award categories had to have less than 50 employees and been in business for at least three years.

General Biodiesel was honored as the category winner for “Green/Sustainable Small Business of the Year.”  CEO Yale Wong said, “I could not be more pleased to accept this award on behalf of everyone at General Biodiesel and for all of the food-serving GreenPartners™ to our business which produce the used cooking oil that we transform into local jobs and low-carbon vehicle fuel.”

09 27 2011: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel Named to Inaugural “Washington Green 50” List
News photo

For the second consecutive year, General Biodiesel has been recognized for its environmental leadership by Washington’s leading business magazine.  At this year’s 2011 Green Washington Awards, Seattle Business Magazine honored “Washington’s Green 50,” their list of the top 50 businesses across all industries that are demonstrating how conscientious, progressive environmental practices and good business go hand-in-hand.  On the heels of General Biodiesel’s inaugural win of SBM’s REUSE Award in 2010, the company’s mission has been gratefully acknowledged again on this inaugural “Washington Green 50” honor roll for 2011. 

In 2011, General Biodiesel expects to transform hundreds of thousands of gallons of used cooking oil into the lowest carbon biodiesel fuel available, while creating local green economy jobs and taxes in the process. This waste stream is collected from our GreenPartners™; a diverse collection of food-serving businesses that include neighborhood restaurants, shopping malls, schools, the Port of Seattle, hotels, US military bases, corporate campuses, sports stadiums, and more.  Through its GreenPartner™ program, General Biodiesel is on track to displace over 19 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from the region in 2011.


08 19 2011: General Biodiesel news flash
General Biodiesel is Founding Member of Think Local
News photo

General Biodiesel is a founding member of Think Local, a citywide campaign in Seattle to shift local buying habits in favor of local independent businesses.  It promotes locally owned and independently operated businesses that are physically nearby their customers.  A program of the Seattle Business Network, Think Local is “an aspiring network of like-minded people who believe that local, independent businesses are the heart and soul of a sustainable local economy.”  Over 300 businesses are a part of the initial launch, and that number is growing.

General Biodiesel is proud to be a part of this campaign, which powers the local economy and cares for the local community.  Efforts to support locally-based businesses create good jobs, reduce environmental impacts related to the shipping and trucking of goods from other parts of the country and world, and result in products and services that are in-tune and tailored to the local consumer.

We encourage other regional businesses to “think local” and join.  For more information, or to become a member and participate, visit:

05 02 2011: Xconomy
What Do Amazon, Ezell’s, and Virginia Mason Have in Common? They Supply General Biodiesel.
News photo

On May 19th, General Biodiesel’s Vice President of Sustainable Business Development, Hoby Douglass, will be presenting at “Separating Hype from Reality in Alternative Fuels,” the next big Xconomy Seattle event.  Hoby, along with speakers from other alternative energy and power companies, will address the realities of alternative fuels in today’s marketplace and the new technologies that are expected to follow suit in the future.

General Biodiesel is a pioneer in Washington State in utilizing waste fryer oil to make sustainable, local, low carbon biodiesel fuel.  The company partners with a long list of restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, festivals, universities, and property management companies to responsibly recycle this waste and transform it into an energy source for the local economy. 


12 23 2010: General Biodiesel news flash
After the Feast: Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil and Grease for Free at 8 Convenient Collection Depots

General Biodiesel owns and operates Washington State’s only certified plant to transform your residential used cooking oil and grease into renewable, low carbon biodiesel fuel.  When improperly disposed of, these waste fats can lead to messy and costly residential and municipal sewer line back-ups.

The holidays represent the busiest time of year for the plumbing services that make expensive 24-hour service calls to clear clogged residential lines of this waste stream.  Additionally, local municipalities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payer dollars annually to remediate the damage caused by accumulated fats, oils and grease in public sewer lines.

You can avoid this holiday spoiler and be part of a larger solution by responsibly disposing of your used cooking oil and grease for free at one of General Biodiesel’s many conveniently located residential cooking oil collection depots throughout King County.  To find the one nearest you, read below.

11 17 2010: General Biodiesel news flash
Holiday Challenge Problem: What Do I Do With My Leftover Fryer Oil?
News photo

Solution: Dispose of it responsibly in one of General Biodiesel’s collection containers, located throughout King County.
This holiday season, General Biodiesel has teamed up with King County Wastewater Management to provide the community with locations to safely dispose of its used fryer oil.  We accept all types of used cooking oil.  Whether you are frying turkey, chicken, fish, shrimp, or fries, choose to be GREEN and dispose of your oil at a designated collection container near you, available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week:

    • Crossroads Golf: 15801 NE 15th Street, Bellevue 98008

    • Municipal Parking Lot: 634 SW 151st Street, Burien 98166
    • Northern City Hall: 11846 Des Moines Memorial Drive South, Burien 98168

    • General Biodiesel: 6333 1st Ave South, Seattle, 98108
        -Tank is located mid-way along the river side of the building by glass doors

Madison Park
    • Bert’s Red Apple: 1801 41st Avenue East, Seattle 98112
        - Blue barrel is in alley behind store

Mercer Island
    • Presbyterian Church: 3605 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island 98040
        - Tank is located just inside the North Driveway

    • Safeway: 630 228th Avenue NE, 
Sammamish 98074
        - Tank is located behind the store

    • Central Market: 15505 Westminster Way N, Seattle 98133
        - Tank is located to the right of the main front doors

10 28 2010: Business Wire
Autodesk Helps General Biodiesel Cost-Effectively Expand Operations

General Biodiesel, a clean tech company focused on converting used cooking oil into low-carbon biofuel, used Digital Prototyping and piping and instrumentation diagramming (P&ID) software from Autodesk, Inc. to expand and make process improvements to its main production facility. The company estimates that it saved more than $500,000 on the plant upgrade project.

As part of its plant improvements, General Biodiesel used Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD P&ID software to design a sophisticated pre-treatment system that enables higher yields from converting used cooking oil into fuel. This pre-treatment system helps produce exceptionally clean-burning fuel and is one of the lowest carbon diesel alternatives available on the market, offering 85 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than conventional petroleum diesel.


09 23 2010: Seattle Business Magazine
General Biodiesel Wins 2010 Green Washington Award
News photo

For this year’s 2010 Green Washington Awards, Seattle Business Magazine’s judges noted an important trend toward reuse, a form of recycling that is more environmentally responsible than simple composting, and decided to break it out as a separate category.

The winner in this category was General Biodiesel, a Seattle company founded in 2006 by Yale Wong that recycles cooking oil and animal fats to produce biofuel.  All of General Biodiesel’s biofuel is sourced, produced and sold locally, enabling the company to operate at a low cost.  According to the EPA, biodiesel based on cooking oil produces 85 percent less life-cycle carbon dioxide per gallon than petroleum diesel, making it one of the cleanest burning, and least environmentally damaging, fuels on the market.  With 28 employees, the company’s process also creates local jobs.  This year the company will recycle 600,000 gallons of used cooking oil and reduce carbon dioxide production by an estimated 10 million pounds.


09 01 2010: Biodiesel Magazine
Jetcar Runs on General Biodiesel’s Fuel
News photo

“A 10,000-horsepower Jetcar running on B20 going 400 miles per hour beating airplanes in races all over the country is a fantastic tool to promote the high-performance nature of biodiesel.”

Over the summer at the 2010 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Expo, General Biodiesel partnered with the Smoke-n-Thunder Jetcar (pictured right) as its fuel provider.  Bill Braack, owner and driver of the Jetcar, is a biodiesel enthusiast and welcomed the opportunity to use General Biodiesel’s RCB fuel for its multiple performances in front of crowds surpassing 230,000 at the McChord Field.  During the demonstrations, the Jetcar pushed 10,000 horsepower and 6,000 pounds of thrust with the afterburner, accelerating to 400 mph in a race against an airplane.


05 24 2010: KIRO 7 News
Governor Chris Gregoire visits General Biodiesel

05 15 2010: KING 5 News
Senator Maria Cantwell Visits General Biodiesel

02 19 2010: Puget Sound Business Journal
General Biodiesel Inc. Grows on Grease
News photo

At a time when much of the U.S. biodiesel industry is in turmoil and slashing production, a small biodiesel producer in Seattle is making plans for expansion.

General Biodiesel Inc., which acquired a plant in Seattle’s Sodo district last summer, expects to produce 3 million to 5 million gallons of biodiesel this year and reach up to 10 million gallons by 2011. The company plans to nearly double its staff to 40 people, move to round-the-clock shifts, and add three more trucks to its current fleet of six.


11 01 2009: KING 5 News
Biodiesel Alley

06 25 2009: Biodiesel Magazine
General Biodiesel completes purchase of Seattle biodiesel refinery

General Biodiesel Seattle LLC announces today that it has completed the acquisition of the former Seattle Biodiesel facility, a Seattle-based commercial biodiesel refinery, from Imperium Renewables Inc. General Biodiesel is converting the facility to produce biodiesel from waste oils such as recycled cooking oil and animal fat, which the company collects from restaurants and grocery stores around the region.

Yale Wong, CEO and founder of General Biodiesel, commented that “the mission of General Biodiesel is to produce high-quality biodiesel fuel from locally generated waste at a competitive price. The acquisition of this plant enables General Biodiesel to deliver a locally produced renewable fuel source that will measurably reduce total carbon emissions in the State of Washington, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and build a stronger regional economy by creating green jobs in the community.”


06 24 2009: TechFlash, John Cook’s Venture Blog
General Biodiesel raises cash, buys Imperium’s SoDo plant

Imperium Renewables has sold its original biodiesel plant—a five million gallon facility located near the 1st Avenue South Bridge in Seattle—to General Biodiesel.  The deal gives General Biodiesel a fully permitted facility from which to immediately start producing fuel from recycled cooking oil and animal fat. Yale Wong, the chief executive of General Biodiesel, said they have hired a former plant manager of the facility and plan to start producing fuel there soon.

Imperium spokesman John Williams said that Imperium is consolidating its R&D operations at its massive 100 million gallon facility in Grays Harbor. The company will continue to be based in Seattle, but Williams said it made sense to sell the smaller plant since very little work had been done there since last year. “It’s great to see our site being put to continued good use as a biodiesel production facility,” John Plaza, who founded Imperium in 2004 and built the Seattle plant under the name Seattle Biodiesel. “We are happy to have General Biodiesel as the new owners of our original facility.”


12 01 2008: KING 5 News
General Biodiesel Featured on KING 5 News